Visits Out

Both adults and children for so many reasons can benefit from an interaction with our very special ponies. Our Ponies Provide:

  • Sensory Touch & Social Interaction
  • A non-judgemental Encounter
  • Happy Association in Familiar Surroundings
  • Reminiscence – Especially for older generation

The benefits of interactions with therapy animals are now being recognised by growing numbers of specialists.

Our ponies travel to wherever they are needed most. Due to their small size the ponies are able to go into hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools and nurseries. They are fully trained and accustomed to working around specialist equipment using lifts to gain access to anyone that would otherwise miss out.

For individual cases, our ponies can be teamed with Occupational, Speech or Physical Therapists to set specific programs or goals, this can be as simple as inspiring a patient to reach out an arm or to walk with patients learning to use new equipment.

A visit from the Collytown Therapy Ponies can offer so much, a safe way to interact with these beautiful animals that through our training program are able to bring the outside in.

The interactions achieve positive outcomes and help to promote a good quality of life; the ponies may help to recall previous pets or experiences which creates a sense of calm & wellbeing.

Nursing Homes & Care Homes

The effects our ponies have on the mood of elderly residents in care settings speaks for itself, bringing happiness and helping to recall past memories & experiences.

We have witnessed the most withdrawn resident light up when a pony walks into a room, it really is magical.

Every visit is tailored to the needs of the individuals, the home and service users, the ponies are able to go into private rooms as well as communal areas so everyone can benefit, we treat all we meet with kindness, care, compassion, dignity and respect.

Physical & Mental Disabilities

Those with mental health problems or learning difficulties can experience daily anxiety, confusion and fear, research has shown that therapy animals can help alleviate this through stimulation and positive memories, the effects our ponies have is clear for all to see.
One of the simplest aspects of our work is diversion, when focused on grooming or interacting with a pony the focus is no longer on their own issues which provides an often needed respite, actually helping the individual to feel refreshed and energized.

School Visits

Enriching the Classroom Experience

Classroom visits stimulate learning!

Collytown Therapy ponies are wonderful resources for teachers to make learning fun in all subjects!

  • Students with no exposure to animals or nature in their home environment can see, feel, touch and make connections to the wide world of animals.
  • Instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life.
  • The ponies brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others-both animals and humans.
  • Students learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival.
  • Students will see directly how their behavior and actions affect others.
  • Studies show that the presence of animals tends to lessen tension in the classroom.
  • Students will approach learning subjects with a new enthusiasm and interest


Other benefits

Special Needs – There is actual scientific evidence that animals in the classroom can help students feel more comfortable in school.

Those with special needs or who attend special education schools may particularly benefit from the pony visit as it can help these students feel calmer and more confident as they learn, and reduce behavioural problems. Students may feel more motivated and animated to learn, particularly about subjects related to animals, science, and the environment, as the pony is a real-life example of what they are learning.

The ponies also often helps to draw socially withdrawn or anxious individuals out of their shells, as they can easily connect with an animal and use it as a basis for connection and conversation with other students and teachers.

School Visits Tailored To Suit Requirements

  • Example Visit:
  • Introduction to the ponies and safety talk
  • Educational talk linked to current curriculum or subject
  • Meet the ponies
  • Opportunity for everyone to touch & stroke

Options –

  • Pony can be involved in class room activity
  • Grooming
  • Sticker game
  • Chance to lead a pony
  • Pony Dress up