Collytown Feenixx

D.O.B. 04/05/2020 Super chunky colt Sire;- Butterstor Elliott Dam;- Collytown Firefly

Collytown Merida

And our second filly has arrived Collytown Merida born on Sunday 26 th April to Sherrill Mini Ha, Ha, Sire:- Collytown Valentino

Collytown Bella

D.O.B. 24th April 2020 Sire Butterstor Elliott Dam Collytown Billie Jean A strong chunky filly

The sun is out

After many weeks of rain the sun is out, even with the frost still on the fields it’s looking good.

Weaning Day

Happy Foals Today we completed the final step of weaning our foals. Due to our established weaning program we have stress free mares and happy confident foals.