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Collytown Therapy Ponies

Therapy Ponies

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Therapy Ponies

Therapeutic Interactions With Very Special Ponies

For more information, please see our dedicated Therapy Ponies website at

Both adults and children for so many reasons can benefit from an interaction with one of our calm & friendly ponies.

Animals are known to offer major therapeutic benefits to people of all ages but especially for those with poor mobility, co-ordination, partially sighted or who suffer from depression, anxiety or have learning difficulties.
Horses being intuitive animals are able to read and respond to the emotions of the people around them.
Non confrontational by nature, our ponies have very kind & gentle temperaments making them ideal for older people or those with autism or challenging behaviour, we have witnessed even the most withdrawn open up and let the barriers down when with the ponies.

Our Ponies Provide:
* Sensory Touch
* Social Interaction
* A non-jugemental Encounter
* Happy Association in Familiar Surroundings
* Reminiscence - Especially for older generation

The benefits of interactions with therapy animals are now being recognised by growing numbers of specialists.

Therapy Ponies

Therapy Ponies

Unique in that not only do we welcome individuals or groups to our therapy centre, our ponies also travel to wherever they are needed most.
Due to their small size the ponies are actually able to go inside hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools and nurseries where under the guidance of care workers & specialist staff they can make such a difference.
Our ponies have been fully trained and accustomed to working around equipment and can use lifts to gain access to anyone that would otherwise miss out.

Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions
Equine Assisted Therapy offers a unique way of overcoming personal issues, past traumas & life challenges with a guided interaction with our ponies situated in a spectacular breath-taking rural setting.
Equine Assisted Therapy can help if you suffer from any of the following:

•Lack of Confidence
•Imbalanced Emotions
•Unfulfillment in Life

Please get in touch for further information

Our Qualifications
Equine Assisted Therapists
Certified Advanced Equine Facilitated Practitioners
National Certificate in the Management of Horses
NVQ & BHS Qualifications in Equine Care
Safeguarding Disabled Children & Venerable Adults
Fully insured ~ 2 Million Public Liability
DBS/CBR Checked.

All interactions are tailored to specific needs, please contact us to discuss yours:

Chamaine Blamey
Collytown Therapy Ponies
01822 840066 / 07890 023063


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